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The stock seems to rotate quite a bit too – far more than their PS3, Xbox 360, etc. titles do. It speaks volumes that a system as old as the DS has so many in-demand titles on it and they’re still selling . And none paper mario the thousand year door roms download of these games will ever be on Switch, because they’re handheld. We asked Nintendo Life readers to score for their favourite Nintendo DS games and, thanks to those User Ratings, the following ranked list of 50 games steadily congealed into existence. It’s a very fine selection, but not one that’s set in stone.

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This list can still evolve as games receive new user scores, so don’t worry if you missed out on ‚voting‘ – simply scroll down and rate them now! Be sure to check out our feature on the 50 best Nintendo 3DS games if you want to compare this console’s lineup with its successor. Multiple roms compressed and packed into a set of 100.

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After all, you don’t exclude eShop games from the «best of» other consoles. This is a great list in my opinion – lots of great memories here, both old and fairly recent. I still adore my DS and play it fairly often, even with every other, newer game system in the house. Also, I think it’s worth mentioning that my local GameStop stores still have a LOT of used DS games at pretty premium prices.

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It was good, but those touch gimmicks were so annoying. Hope you add DSiWare games to the list in the future.